Sung Hee Kim: Piano

Sung Hee Kim is a composer, arranger, and a musician of considerable talent. When she was seven, she learned to play the piano at the music institute that was near home. When she was twenty, she entered Korea Christian University, a classical music college, and she learned many classical skills. After two years, she wanted to learn more  about contemporary music, so she entered Seoul Institute of the Arts, known to be the best music school in Korea. She also graduated Berklee College of Music as Contemporary Writing and Production major in 2016. At Berklee, she received a CWP Award for Creativity in Commercial Arranging, and she has also earned a place on the Dean’s List for her academic performance every semester. She has worked at a music institute for 8 years, and she loves teaching students who want to learn music. Seeing students growing up musically make her feel so happy. She also helped students enter the university that they wanted.