Chamber Music Class


Eastern School of Music will offer Chamber  Music Class for all levels and ages.

Chamber Music classes will consists of group lessons and private lessons. Each student will take private lessons with designated instruments of their choice and group lesson will meet once a week for one hour.  Group lessons or Rehearsals will be a perfect environment for kids to learn how to play music together.

Mozart Chamber Class it’s our beginner chamber class that will cover early Mozart and Bach chamber music. Mozart Chamber Class will be a combination of a Duet or Trio with designated instruments.

Beethoven Chamber Class will be an intermediate chamber class that will cover all the Mozart chamber music and addition of Beethoven chamber music. Repertoire and group lessons will be larger.

Shubert Chamber Class will be our advance class that focuses on all styles of chamber music in addition of Shubert chamber music. Shubert it’s known as the God Father of chamber music. This class will consists of Duet, Trio, Quartet and Quintet of any instrument combination.

Please note all this class can and only happen if we have enough students. So request it and register for it!!!

Jazz and Rock Ensemble is coming soon. If you are interested, please email and call us for more information


Tel: 718-229-0911

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